Using Instant Church Directory with Church Management Software

You may have questions if Instant Church Directory can integrate with other church management software such as Planning Center, Servant Keeper, etc.

The short answer is, no.  But,  Instant Church Directory is designed to be a simple, quick and manageable way to create a church photo directory as stand-alone software. We have the most robust, yet easiest church directory program that provides the ability to share your directory with your members in many ways, such as an online member's website, a mobile app for phones and tablets, and a PDF option if you wish to have a traditional, printed directory. So, if you're looking for a user-friendly solution for creating and maintaining a church directory, you've come to the right place.

We do not integrate with other church management software. Yet, we continuously strive to be the best church directory solution on the market, and we believe we are.

But, because we know many of you enjoy the benefits of church management software programs, you may be asking how can I keep up the directory and my other databases in various software programs that I use?

Although we do not "integrate" with other software programs, that doesn't mean that you can't take information from one database and use it with Instant Church Directory or vice versa.

With Instant Church Directory you can:

  1. Import information from your existing database via a .CSV file of basic information to jumpstart entering basic information for your directory.  See our help document here for more information
  2. Import photos using our individual or multiple image upload processes. Read more about working with members' photos here
  3. Review and collect updates of members' information so you can update other member databases you might have:
    1. Use an addendum to reflect changes over a period of time. Read more about creating an addendum here. Additional information about generating addendums for your directory can be found here.
    2. Always keep your database(s) up to date once members submit updates for approval. To read more about members submitting updates to their information, click here

To learn even more about Instant Church Directory, review these help documents:

Getting Started in 5 Easy Steps

General Directory Guidelines and Settings

Creating a Sample Directory for Committee Approval

Or, if you have more questions, please visit our entire library of help documents here.

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