Creating a sample directory for committee approval

If you are like me, you want to see a glimpse of the finished product before you get started.  Instant gratification motivation.  To get a mini version of your directory up and running:

Add Families

  1. Go to Families and click on Add Family
  2. Enter the famil's last name, address and anniversary on this page.  (Don’t enter the family phone or emails yet). 
  3. Save the family record. 
  4. Click on Add Adult/Parent and enter the individual information, including your email address and phone number on this page.

  5. IMPORTANT: Be sure to click Save when you are finished. Repeat for all members of your family.
  6. Next, from the Edit Family page, click on Import Image and choose your image to be uploaded.

  7. When the image and all family members are added, click Save at the bottom of the Family Details page.

Create a Cover Page

Under Cover Page, you can add your cover image, title and additional details about the church that you'd like to include on your cover. Generally that will be your address, phone number and hours

Keep in mind, you can only have 5 lines of text on the cover page even though on the cover page tab it looks like you can add more.  

Click below for a quick tutorial about creating a Cover page  

Enable the Mobile Apps

  1. Go to Share Member Apps and click Enable and then Save to enable the mobile and member apps.
  2. Download the Instant Church Directory App to your mobile device. See more information here: Download and Install the Mobile Apps
  3. Follow the instructions and Create a Login. Once your password has been created, we will send you a verification email. 
  4. Open the email and click on the verification link.
  5. Once you have confirmed your account, you are now ready to view your directory on your mobile device through the app or online as a member at the members' web site:

For a Printed Directory

You may want to add several families to your sample directory to have a feel for how the printed directory will look.

  1. After you have added several families, go to Share PDF.
  2. Click the PDF Options button under Set Your PDF Options.
  3. Under the PDF Generation Options, you can choose the font options, printing color options and image quality.
  4. Under Page Selection options, check the pages that you wish to show in your sample directory. If they are NOT checked, they will NOT appear in your directory PDF. 
  5. IMPORTANT: Be sure to click Save Changes any time you add, remove or change the sequence of your pages. 
  6. After choosing and saving your PDF Options, set a password to protect your PDF. Click for information about how to Set a PDF Password
  7. Choose the directory you wish to generate and click the Generate PDF button. Click for more information about generating: Generate Directory
  8. Once generated, you can click the Download PDF link to download a copy of your sample directory.
  9. Print the sample directory PDF to show your committee.

Or, you can always show our sample directory if you would rather: Instant Church Directory Sample

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