Generating your directory, subdirectories and addendums

Generating Your PDF Directory

NOTE: All times listed when you generate a directory are UTC times. 

When you edit your directory all of your changes are saved in our database. However to see the changes in your directory PDF you need to first generate your directory. You can generate your directory under Step 7 - Share PDF.

When you generate the directory any changes you have made since the last time you generated your directory are included in your directory PDF.

So, for example, let's say I set up my directory on Apr 18. I entered all of my information and pictures the way I wanted them. I then generated my directory (Step 7 - Share PDF) and downloaded a PDF of it. My PDF has all the information and pictures in it that I just entered.

Now I go back over the next couple days and add some more church members and make some other changes. Although all of my updated information is saved on our database, if I want to download a new PDF directory to include my changes, I must first go to "Step 7 - Share PDF" and generate my directory. Otherwise, the PDF will be the same as the one I downloaded on Apr 18.

That is why there is a display with the date and time you last generated your PDF directory. It serves as a reminder of when you last generated your changes.

Please note that you do NOT need to generate the directory to save changes you have made to it. You only need to generate your directory when you are ready to download or share it.

Generating an Addendum

If you only want to generate and print out of the directory changes from a certain date forward, click on Publish Addendum and select the date. Any changes from that date forward will be included, but anything previous will not. This is handy when you simply want to alert members to any recent changes. Your addendum appears in the Full Directory section under Step 7 - Share PDF.

Here's a brief tutorial that reviews Step 7 - Share PDF.

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