Selecting the layout of your directory

Once you have all your information entered, deciding how to layout your directory is the first step towards printing! 

In this Article: 

Selecting Pages
Arranging the directory pages
Uploading Custom Pages
Creating a Directory without Photos

Selecting Pages 

1. To choose the pages to include in your directory, you will want to click on Step 7 - Share PDF, and under "Set Your PDF Options" click the PDF Options button.

2. You'll see under "Page Selection and Order" all the pages available to include in your directory. 

3. Place a check mark by any pages you would like to include in the directory.  HINT: "Photo Directory Pages" are all photos with just the names for the families underneath them.  "Photo Directory Pages (plus details)" has the family photo with all their contact information next to the photo, on the same page.

4. Make sure to click on SAVE when done. 

Arranging the directory pages

In this same location, you can also arrange the pages in the order you want them to appear in your directory. 

  1. Left click on the bar for the page you want to move (HINT: Make sure you grab it where there are no words).  
  2. Drag the page to the location you want it to be in your directory.  
  3. Release. 
  4. Make sure to click SAVE when you are done. See the animation below on how to drag your page selection list in the order you wish it to appear in your directory.

Uploading Custom Pages

You can upload custom pages under Step 7 - Share PDF.

1. To create a custom page, start in Word or Publisher. Create the page and save it as a PDF document on your computer. 

2. To upload this page to your directory, go to Step 7 - Share PDF. under "Set Your PDF Options" click the PDF Options button.

3. Below your page selection listing, click "Add a Custom Page"

4. Search your computer for the document and upload.  

5. Custom documents are always loaded at the bottom of the list of pages, but can be moved like other pages. Important: to include your custom page, it must be checked - and then click "Save Changes".

Creating a Directory without Photos

If you would like to create and print a Roster Only (no photos) directory: 

1. Follow the directions in the Select Pages section above to navigate to the Page Selection page. 

2. Uncheck everything except "Roster Pages" 
3. Save changes.

4. Generate the directory again.  Click here for instructions on Generating the Directory.

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