Add Customization to Your Directory

Each section of the directory has a default title (called a label) such as "Families" or "Staff." Under Customization Settings you can change these labels to fit your directory needs.  

These labels appear on the Administrator Website, Mobile App, Members' Website, and sometimes the Directory PDF. 

Customization can only be done by the Account Owner. Editors can not make these changes.

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Customize the Families Label 

Customize More Labels 

Customize the Families Label 

To change the "Families" label to something else that fits your directory better, go to My Account >> Customization Settings.

Under Family Label Singular, replace "Family" with the singular version of the word you'd like to use instead of Family.  

Under Family Label Plural, replace "Families" with the plural version of the word you'd like to use instead of Families.  

Examples:  Member and Members; Household and Households, Resident and Residents

Once you have made these updates, you will see the words you entered in the following places:

Administrator Website

Members' Website

Mobile Apps

PDF Directory

The Family label does not show anywhere on the directory PDF. Your new label also will not show.

Customize More Labels 

Instant Church Directory offers more customization options including changing several labels throughout your directory. These options are offered as part of Instant Church Directory Premium version.  

With Instant Church Directory Premium you will can change more labels for an additional fee such as: 

  • Staff 
  • Activities 
  • Groups 
  • Pastor  
  • Church 
  • Plus add a logo and custom color

You can upgrade to the Premium version to change these labels and access other new features such as adding more Editors.

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