General Directory Guidelines and Settings

What amount of storage do churches get for ICD Online?
Unlimited Storage.

What is the maximum file upload size for ICD Online?
10MB image file

If we cancel Instant Church Directory Online,  how long will our data be stored, in case we decide to restart our account?
Your data is automatically stored for 6 months after the account is canceled.   If you decide to reactivate your account,  you can renew and we will continue to store your data. After the six months, if the account is not renewed,  it may be permanently deleted from our servers. 

Are languages other than English supported on Instant Church Directory?

For the most part, yes.  While Instant Church Directory is an English Program, we believe that most other languages and alphabets will be supported. However, we cannot guarantee that they will be.  We have found that some features, such as maps, will not work as expected when a different alphabet is used. 

Can we create more than one directory?
If you have an online subscription to Instant Church Directory, you will need to purchase a separate subscription for each different directory you are wanting to create.

Can I change the font style and size in Instant Church Directory?

At this time, font sizes are able to be changed on the roster page pages only - you cannot change the font size on the photo pages of the directory.  The options are 9-point through 18-point fonts.
There are 3 options for font styles, which apply to all pages of the directory. They are Courier, Helvetica, and Times New Roman.

Do we need to get permission (possibly a signed form) from each member to put their information online?
When using photos of church members on Web sites, it's important to get permission from the person first. With children's photos, you'll need the parents' permission, and for safety and privacy, it's important not to identify the child in public areas (non-password protected pages).
To protect yourself, and your members, you may want the subject to sign a model release or permission form and keep those on file at the church.  
Can I take attendance with Instant Church Directory?
This service is not designed for taking attendance. We are an amazing photo directory service though! 

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