Utilizing and Managing Groups

Groups, subdirectories, and addendums can all help organize your directory and your church family.

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Create a Group

There is no limit to how many groups you choose to have in your directory.

1. On the Groups tab click the Create New Group blue button to create a new group.

Add or Remove a Family or Individual to a Group

You can add an entire Family or an Individual to a Group. Add the Family ONLY if you want the whole family to be in that group.  

Go to the Groups tab and click on a Group on the left side that you had already created. 

Decide if you are going to add a Family to the Group or an Individual (Adult or Child). Type the name in the appropriate search box  and as you type you'll see a list of names in a list. Once you select the Family or Individual you want, click Add. They are now in the Group! 

To Remove a Family, Adult, or Child from a Group, you can click their name in the Group Member list and then you will see a pop-up with the option to Remove from Group

You can also add an INDIVIDUAL (Adult or Child) to a Group when you edit an Individual. 

You can add an entire FAMILY to a Group from Edit Family under the Family photo. Put a checkmark next to the Group the entire Family is in.  

You can add as many groups in your directory as you need to, and there is no limit as to how many groups a family or individual can be associated with.

NOTE: You do not need to tag the Family and an Individual to the Group. If you do, the Family and that Individual will show up in the Group. You will see what looks like a duplicate. If you see a duplicate, remove the Family or the Individual from the Group.

Groups only show in Android and iOS Mobile apps version 2.0 or higher.  

Add Group Leaders

If a Group has a Group Leader or more than one Leader, you can select who they are under the Groups tab. They will then show at the top of the Group in the leader's section in the Mobile Apps, Member Website, and Sub-directory PDF. This will help members know who to contact when they have questions about the Group. 

Click on a Group Member name. You will see a pop-up with 3 options. Choose Make Group Leader. 

Make a Group Private

There may be groups that you want just for office use. If you do not want a group to show in the Member apps or Member Website, you can mark that group as "Private." You can do this when you create a Group or you can edit an existing Group. 

  1. Go to the Group tab
  2. Click on a Group name on the left
  3. Next to the Group Name click Edit Group Title & Privacy Setting
  4. On the pop-up page, check the box next to "This group is private." 

    You will see a lock icon next to the group in the list to know it is set to Private.

Delete a Group

To delete a group, click on the Groups tab and select which group you'd like to delete. From there, hit the trashcan on the far right of your screen and you'll be prompted whether you want to delete the group or not (note, this will not delete the members, only the group). Once you've confirmed this, the group will be removed from your list on the left. Keep in mind that this action cannot be undone.

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