Members Submit Their Own Updates to the Directory

Now members can submit a suggested update to their address, photo, email or phone for church approval right from the online directory! 

Directory administrators and editors are able to approve or reject submission updates from members. Changes will not be made to the directory until a directory administrator or editor, approves a submission.

IMPORTANT: The member must have a login created to access the members' website in order to view their details and submit changes to be approved.  Also, your  directory must be enabled for mobile access under Share Member Apps. To learn more about enabling Member App Access for your directory, click here.

How members submit updates to their family or family member details.

  1. Members log in at
  2. Members will click "Edit My Family" in the menu bar.
  3. Members will complete their updates on-screen.
  4. Members then click the "Submit Edits" button. 
IMPORTANT: If a member changes an email address that is currently used for login purposes to the app or online members' website, a new login will need to be created using their updated email address. To learn more about signing in to the mobile apps or online members website, click  here

How directory administrators and editors approve or reject submissions.

You, as the directory administrator will be alerted to these submissions from the Dashboard of your administrator account:

Administrators will also receive an email when updates have been submitted for review. An email will be sent to the email address on the administrator account and to any editors:

Note: Administrators can also turn off the email notifications if they wish. Click here to learn more about how to manage your administrator notifications.

Once a member has submitted a request to update their information, their request will show as pending for Admins and Editors to review on the Dashboard, under "Manage Your Submissions."

IMPORTANT:  These updates will not show in the directory until they are approved. 

To approve an update, simply click on the "Approve" button.  This will replace the information currently in the directory with the new information. 

If a submission was made by mistake, click on the Delete button, and it will delete the submission without making any updates to the directory. 

IMPORTANT: For changes to appear on the Directory PDF, you must regenerate the PDF.

Watch this brief video on how members submit their own updates for approval

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