Enabling your directory for Mobile and Online access to members

You've added all your members' information and photos of your members are taken ... the directory is complete!  Now, it's time to get it into the hands of your congregation.  

The first step in getting them logged into the Mobile Apps or Online Member Directory is to give them permission by enabling this feature as the directory administrator. 

  1. Go to Step 6 - Share Member Apps
  2. Under Share Member Apps, you'll see options to Enable or Disable the member app access. 
  3. To enable the Mobile Apps AND the Online Member Directory, simply click on the circle next to Enabled
  4. You'll receive a confirmation message after you have enabled access.
  5. After you tell your members about the Member Apps and Member Website, you can check the status of a user's email sign in near the bottom of the page.

    Come back to this page anytime and Check Who is Logging In to the App and Online Directory. You can also use this area to troubleshoot member login issues.

Here's a brief tutorial that reviews Step 6 - Share Member Apps:

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