Managing Submission Notifications

If you are using the Request Photo feature through Instant Church Directory, you will now receive a daily email when a member or members have submitted a photo for your review. 

Manage your Alerts

To manage your alert settings, go to My Account >> Manage Alerts.  

From the Manage Alerts page, you can choose to enable the feature for Admin and Editors (default), Admin Only or Editors Only.  Simply click the radio button next to Enable or Disable to turn this feature on or off.

This is an Admin-only feature, so if you are an Editor who would like to turn off these notifications, please contact your Church's Admin.

Troubleshooting Submission Emails

Notification emails are sent at the end of the day, around midnight ET (they are not immediate).  If you are testing this feature, you will need to wait until the next day for the notification email to come through.  If you immediately approve a photo, you will not receive a notification email.

If you still did not receive a notification email, first check your SPAM / Junk folders.  It may also be in other folders such as "Update" if they are using Gmail. Ensure is added to your safe sender's list, which will help ensure these emails are sent directly to your inbox.

Notification emails are only sent once a day when a NEW photo has been submitted.  If you do not approve a new photo, you will not receive another notification email until another member adds a new submission.

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