Creating and editing Your Cover and Pastor's page

Once you have your families entered, it's time to build out the rest of the directory! 

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Creating and Editing your Pastor Page

Creating and Editing your Cover Page

Creating and Editing your Pastor Page

Pastor Letter will take you to a page where you can view and edit the details of the pastor letter for you to include in your directory. 

On this page, you'll see a preview of what the actual letter will look like. To edit this letter, click on the blue "Edit Pastor Letter" button. Here you can upload an image of your pastor (or another image of your choosing), a signature image, the name, title and body of the letter.

Once you have imported and typed in the information you'd like to appear, click save.

Depending on your settings, the Pastor Letter may show in the next directory PDF you generate or on the Member Website & Mobile App. 

Learn how to make the Pastor Letter show in your directory PDF for print

Learn how to make the Pastor Letter show on the Member Website and Mobile App.

Here's a brief video tutorial on creating your Pastor Page:

Creating and Editing your Cover Page

Under Cover Page, you can add your own cover image, title and additional details about the church that you would like to include on the cover. Generally, that will be your church address, phone number, website and hours.

IMPORTANT: The more lines of text you include on your Cover, the smaller your cover image will become. 

This blog post shows examples of what your cover will look like depending on the shape of your cover image and the amount of text you include on the page. Using IMages on Your Church Photo Directory

Click below for a quick tutorial about creating a Cover page:

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