Creating and editing Activity, Staff, Cover and Pastor's pages

Once you have your families entered, it's time to build out the rest of the directory! 

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Creating and Editing your Pastor Page
Creating and Editing your Staff Pages
Creating and Editing your Cover Page
Creating Activity Pages

Creating and Editing your Pastor Page

Step 2 - Pastor Letter will take you to a page where you can view and edit the details of the pastor letter for you to include in your directory. 

At this page, you'll see preview of what the actual letter will look like. To edit this letter, click on the blue "Edit Pastor Letter" button. Here you can upload an image of your pastor (or another image of your choosing), a signature image, the name, title and body of the letter.

Once you have imported and typed in the information you'd like to appear, click save.

Here's a brief video tutorial on creating your Pastor Page:

Creating and Editing your Staff Pages

You can include and organize your staff members under Step 3 - Staff
You can add new staff members by clicking on the "Add Staff Members" button. You can update a photo of them, include their name, title, primary email address, and primary phone number, plus any additional information. Be sure to save any information you add, remove or edit. 

After adding and saving staff members' information, you can use the "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons next to each staff member to arrange how they will appear on the staff page.
You can insert page breaks to differentiate among groups of staff (such as Pastoral Staff and Worship Team). You can also edit each page title if you wish (Pastoral Staff, Music Staff, Grounds-keeping Staff, etc.) Each page break creates a new page in your directory with the page title you've created as the header of the page.
IMPORTANT: It is not possible to change the number of photos on the staff pages.  The generated staff page layout in the directory PDF cannot be altered at this time.  
Here's a brief video tutorial on creating and updating your staff pages:

Creating and Editing your Cover Page

Under Step 5 - Cover Page, you can add your own cover image, title and additional details about the church that you would like to include on the cover. Generally that will be your church address, phone number, website and hours.

IMPORTANT: Only 5 lines of text will show on the cover page even though it appears you can add more than 5 lines.

Click below for a quick tutorial about creating a Cover page:

Creating your Activity Pages

You can add Activity Pages to your directory under Step 4 - Activities. Any activity page you add can have 3 images plus a brief description of what the page is about plus photo captions for each image. When you click "Add Activity Page" you can edit the title of the page, upload your photos and include your descriptions. Be sure to click "Save" after any additions, deletes or edits you make to your activity page(s).

This is a perfect place to include the latest church missions photos or Sunday School class picnic photos. Use the "Move Up" or "Move Down" buttons to determine the sequence of each activity page within the directory.

At this time, Activity Pages do not appear on the Mobile Apps or Online Member Directory. 

Click below for a quick tutorial about adding activity pages

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