Creating and Editing Activity Pages

Creating your Activity Pages

You can add Activity Pages to your directory PDF under Activities. Any activity page you add can have 3 photos plus a brief description of what the page is about plus photo captions for each image. When you click "Add Activity Page" you can edit the title of the page, upload your photos and include your descriptions. Be sure to click "Save" after any additions, deletes or edits you make to your activity page(s).

This is a perfect place to include the latest church mission photos or Sunday School class picnic photos. Use the "Move Up" or "Move Down" buttons to determine the sequence of each activity page within the directory.

If you want to put clipart in place of photos, you can. Please be sure they are 3.625" wide x 2.75" high  (1087 pixels wide x 825 pixels). 

The mobile apps and member websites do not restrict the word or character count for the activity page title, description, or caption, but the directory PDF does have restrictions.

For the directory PDF, the Page Title can be a maximum of 65 characters long. The activity Page Description can also be 65 characters long. Each image can have a total of approx. 170 characters for the caption. Anything longer than those restrictions will be cut off and not shown in the directory PDF. The Admin website does not reflect what you can and can not see in the directory PDF so using a character or word count program like Word would be beneficial.

Depending on your settings, Activity pages may now show on the next directory PDF you generate or on the Member Website & Mobile apps. 

Learn how to select Activity Pages to show in your directory PDF for print

Learn how to make the Activity Pages to show on the Member Website and Mobile Apps.

Click below for a quick tutorial about adding activity pages. 

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