Creating and Editing Staff Pages

You can include and organize your staff members under Staff

Adding Staff Members

You can add new staff members by clicking on the Add Staff Members button. You can include a photo of them, their name, title, primary email address, and primary phone number, plus any additional information. Be sure to save any information you add, remove or change. 
After adding and saving staff members' information, you can move them up or down and side-to-side to get them in the order you want. Click the Move icon next to the staff member you want to move, hold down your mouse and drag their record to a new location on the Staff page. Continue to click, drag and drop the staff members until you have them in the order you want. 

NOTE: Anytime you add a NEW staff member to the page, they will be added to the bottom of the list. You will need to click the Move icon and drag them up higher on the page.    

Inserting a Page Break on Staff Pages

You can insert page breaks to differentiate among groups of staff (such as Pastoral Staff and Worship Team). You can also edit each page title if you wish (Pastoral Staff, Music Staff, Grounds-keeping Staff, etc.) 

Each page break creates a new page in your directory with the page title you've created as the header of the page.

You can move your page breaks just like you can move the staff members. Click the Move icon and drag the page break where you want it to be. 

NOTE: It is not possible to change the number of photos on the staff pages in the directory PDF.  The generated staff page layout in the directory PDF cannot be altered at this time.

Watch a brief video demonstration on creating staff pages

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