Distinguishing Members and Non-Members of your church

Do you have former members, frequent visitors or inactive members of your church whom you would like to include in your directory so you can keep their contact information?

Instant Church Directory provides a few ways to distinguish among special "friends" of your organization so you don't have to lose touch with them. If their status changes, their records can be easily updated to show them as active members of the directory again.

Although you can notate families and individuals in various ways, Instant Church Directory does not provide a separate category listing for  only non-members and/or inactive members. However, you can always create a custom document that includes any special families or individuals, and then upload your custom page to your directory PDF. To learn more about custom pages, click here.

The information below is how you can distinguish among your active and inactive members and members and non-members.

Families can be notated as Active or Inactive 

1. Using the Family Details, under Families, you can edit a family to be Active or Inactive - just click the Edit Family button

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Yes or No by "Active?", and then click SAVE to complete your update.

When a family is marked "No" under the "Active?" question, the family entry will have a gray background around it under Families. (See screenshot below). This allows the administrator to see at-a-glance, families that are currently not active in the church. Remember, that a family can be marked inactive, but still be listed as a "member" of the church. 

IMPORTANT:  If a family is marked as inactive, the family or any individuals under the family entry will  not have access to view the directory on the mobile app or the online members' website. They will not be listed in the directory. Marking a family as inactive, simply ensures that the administrator still has access to a family's information. 

Individuals can be marked as members or non-members of the church 

Using the family member details screen you can update and see the "member status" of an individual listed in the directory. Members' first names are distinguished in bold in the directory PDF, on the mobile app listing, on the online members' website, and also under their family details section in Families.

1.  To edit an individual's status, click the Edit Family button under the family detail, and then click the individual's name to update their information.

2.  Update the individual's church member status and click the SAVE button.

Members' names are bold in the directory PDF, on the mobile app, and on the online members' website. Non-members' names are not bolded.

Directory PDF:  Online members' website: Mobile app:

IMPORTANT: Non-members, as long as the family is active, can have access to the directory via the online members' website and mobile apps. 
Remember that non-members or inactive families are not provided a separate category or listing but are distinguished only in the family record in the contexts above. Read more about that here.

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