Navigating the Mobile Apps

This article contains information about how the mobile apps for Instant Church Directory work, including step by step screenshots. Or if you prefer, view the video at the bottom of the page to watch a short walk-through.

How do I send a text message or call another member from my Instant Church Directory App?

While you cannot send mass text messages through the app to the entire congregation, you can send another member within the app a personal text message from the App.  
For iOS, press and hold on the phone number of the member you are wanting to text. This will allow you to either or call text that number. 

For Android devices, clicking the phone number normally will give you the option to either call or message the number.  

This will act as a regular text message, so standard text plan costs will apply. 

How do I email other members directly from the app?

Sending emails through the app is easy. First, open the app and click on ‘Families’ and select the family you wish to email.  Click on the email address it will open a new email using your phone's default email program to that address. 
If you press and hold either the email address or phone number, it will simply copy the email address/phone number to the clipboard on your phone.

Screen Captures of the Mobile Apps

  1. On your first visit, click the CREATE LOGIN button to set up your login credentials (email and password). Once you've registered that information, use the SIGN IN button to access the directory on subsequent visits. For additional information on how to log in, click here.
  2. The HOME page is the first page you see after signing in. Use the buttons to see lists of FAMILIES, GROUPS or STAFF MEMBERS.
  3. The FAMILIES screen alphabetically lists all the families currently in your directory. Type a name into the Search Families window to find a specific family. Or press the ABC button to find all the families whose names start with a particular letter. Once you've found the family, click the family name to get more details.
  4. The individual Family pages show the family's photo, address, phone, email and other information. Click the address to see a map with a link to travel directions. Click a phone number to call. Click the email address to send an email message.
  5. The Staff Members screen shows photos of each staff member, their position and email address. Click a person's name to get more details.
  6. The Groups screen lists the various groups in your directory and the number of people/families in each group. Click a group's name to see a list of the group's members.
  7. The Menu screen has links to the different sections of the directory, as well as help and account management pages.

Watch the Video

Logging Into The Member App from Communication Resources, Inc. on Vimeo.

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