Navigating the Mobile Apps

Click on the link below to watch a quick video about how members can log into the directory on their Mobile devices:  

Logging Into The Member App from Communication Resources, Inc. on Vimeo.

How do I send a text message or call another member from my ICD App?
While you cannot send mass text messages through the app to the entire congregation, you can send another member within the app a personal text message from the App.
This will act as a regular text message, so standard text plan costs will apply.
For iPhone:
Versions 8.3 or above – Simply press and hold on the phone number of the member you are wanting to text. This will allow you to either or call text that number.
Versions prior to 8.3 – Simply click the phone number and a new text message window will appear. 
How do I email/call/text other members directly from the app on iOS devices?
Sending emails and texts through the app is easy. First, open the app and click on ‘Families’.
With the new update released for the Member App on Apple devices, instead of pressing and holding on the email address/phone number, you will now simply click.
By clicking the email address it will open a new email to that address. By clicking the phone number normally, it will now give you the option to either call or message the number.
If you press and hold either the email address or phone number, it will simply copy the email address/phone number to the clipboard on your phone.

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