Downgrade to Standard Membership

If you find you no longer need the Premium Membership features, you can downgrade to Standard membership at any time.

You will lose access to:

  • The ability to add more than 3 editors
  • Custom Color and Brand colors (Your view will immediately default back to the Instant Church Directory logo and colors.)
  • Custom Labels for Staff, Activities, Pastor Letter and more (Only your custom Families label will remain.)

Steps to downgrade from Premium to Standard Membership

When you make this change, all Premium customized features such as a logo, colors and custom labels will revert back to the default settings immediately. We do not save any of your customized settings for future use. The only custom label that will remain is the name you chose for the Families section.

To downgrade from Premium to Standard, follow these steps:

  1. Remove editors so you have only 3 or fewer.
  2. Downgrade your membership by going to My Account >> Change Plan under the Plan Details section.
  3. Choose Standard Membership and then select Yearly or Monthly billing cycle.
  4. Read the Review and Confirm page and then click Change Plan.

How will the downgrade change my billing and end dates?

Changing from Premium to Standard cancels your current membership and restarts a new membership as of the current date. Your new account will have a new end date based on your choice of yearly or monthly billing.

You will receive credit on your new membership for any unused portion of the original paid membership. If the credit amount exceeds the cost of the new membership, your membership expiration date will be extended to equal the amount of that credit.

Payment is required at the time you downgrade your account if a balance is due. Your card will be charged immediately for the new membership. Please be sure to give your treasurer or the person responsible for the credit card the information that a new charge for Instant Church Directory has been made.

Can I switch back to a Premium Membership?

Yes, you can switch back to Premium Membership starting the day after you switch to Standard. Go to My Account >> Change Plan and follow the same process as when you downgraded. Upgrade to Premium Membership.

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