How to Delete Your User Account from Instant Church Directory

Deleting your user account from the Instant Church Directory app deletes your login account from our records and your phone. It also removes any data associated with the user account that has been downloaded to your phone.

Delete your user account from the mobile app.

To delete your login account permanently, use the "Delete Account" feature inside the mobile app under Menu >> Settings >> Delete Account.

Just so you know, this does not delete your email or information from any organizational directory. It deletes the user account you created to access the directory via the mobile apps and member website and its associated encrypted password from our database.

A user account can also be deleted from the Member Website after signing in to the user account, and then going to Account >> Delete Account.

Contact your organization(s) separately to be permanently removed from their directory.

Logging back into the app after previously deleting your user account.

If you need to log back into your organization’s directory, create a new user account. Follow these steps for Creating a login for the Member App.

Can an Admin or Editor delete a user account?

No, only a user can delete an account. If you remove an email, that immediately removes someone’s access to your organization’s directory, but the account will still exist.

To report a fraudulent account, please contact us for assistance.

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