Choosing the font for your directory

There are some font and font size adjustments you can make for your PDF directory. Any font changes you make will not apply to the font size you'll see on the Online Members' Website or Mobile Apps. 
  • Change Font Type
  • Change Font Size (applies to Roster, Birthday, and Anniversary pages only)
  • Create a Large Print Directory
  • Use Unicode for Non-English PDF Directories
  • Change Font Type

    There are a few font-type options you can choose for your PDF Directory.
    To make an update to the font type, go to  Share PDF, then click the PDF Options blue button.

    You will see a Font Options dropdown of font types where you can make your font type choice.

    Once you have changed your font type, go back to Share PDF to generate your directory again in order to see the font changes. 
    IMPORTANT: Changing the font type applies to your entire PDF Directory. It does not apply to the Online Members' Website or Mobile Apps. Font size does NOT apply to the entire directory. See more information below.

    Change Font Size (Roster, Birthday & Anniversary Pages Only)

    To adjust the font size, click on Share PDF at the top of your screen, then click the  PDF Options button. Here, you can choose your font type as well as the size to better fit your needs. Once you've chosen your new font size, be sure to generate your PDF again under Share PDF so it reflects the most recent updates.

    IMPORTANT: Font size will only apply to the Roster, Birthday, and Anniversary pages. The font size does not apply to any of the following: Cover page, Pastor's Letter, Activity pages, Photos pages, or Photo pages with details. Font size change will not affect the Online Members' Website or Mobile App. 

    Create a Large Print Directory

    Would you like to create a large print directory for your elderly members? When choosing what font and size you want, choose between 16-18 as the font size, and Helvetica as the font type. Using these font type and font size settings will provide an easy-to-read directory for your members!
    REMEMBER: Any font size change will apply only to the Roster, Anniversary & Birthday pages. 
    You can generate what you need for your large print readers and then change your settings back to normal sizes and generate again for your typical PDF Directory. 
    Example: Arial, 16pt

    Use Unicode for non-English PDF directories

    If you want to use non-English text in your directory, you will want to use the font "Unicode" under  Share PDF, then click the  PDF Options button. 

    Please see this help document for more information: Non-English Speaking Users - Instant Church Directory
    Unicode only applies to your PDF Directory and does not affect the Online Members' Website or Mobile Apps. 

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