Non-English Speaking Users

We are an American-based company, and our products are designed to assist churches in the US.  Because of that, the layout and structure of Instant Church Directory were set up for the American-English style of names, addresses, and phone numbers. It was not designed to work with non-English languages in mind; however, we have found that it works quite well by using Unicode. 

If you use a keyword in your language to enter your names and addresses, most features will work. And, if you print your directory with the Unicode font setting, it will print correctly as well. 

First, you'll need to use a keyboard set to your language to enter your data. You can find help documents online such as this one to change the keyboard + language for Windows 10. Manage the input and display language settings in Windows 10

For a Mac Type in another language on your Mac with input sources

Once you do this, any member who has a device that can recognize characters in your language will see them on screen.

Next, in Instant Church Directory you will want to set your Font Type choice to Unicode. To do this, you'll go to Share PDF and click the PDF Options button under Set Your PDF Options, then choose Unicode under Font Options. You can see more clearly how to do that by reviewing our help doc Printing a Booklet or Full-Sized Directory

We have several Korean-American churches successfully using Instant Church Directory. Though we do not currently offer support for foreign language use, you are welcome to test out Instant Church Directory using Unicode and your language to see if our service will work for you! It's easy to sign up and enter some test data. Remember you have 30 days free to try it. 

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