Check Who is Logging In to the App and Online Directory

Curious about how many members have actually logged into your directory on their mobile devices or through the online website?  Now, you can see it for yourself!

View the complete list of members who have created a password.

Go to Share Member Apps and scroll all the way down the page to see the new section Check the Status of a user’s email.  From here you can view the complete list of anyone in your directory who has created a password.

Instant Church Directory Member App Troubleshooting

You will then be able to see the email addresses that have been registered, the date they first created their login and password, the date they confirmed their email address, and the date they last logged into the app or online directory.

If a member is having trouble logging into the app, click this link for more information to help: Troubleshoot Member Login Issues.  

One thing to keep in mind, that even though an email address may be removed from the church directory, it will still show in the list that at one time they did have access to your directory.

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