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What is the Instant Church Directory Member App?

Who can access the app?

Will my admin password work on the member app or online member directory?

Why aren't my updates showing in the App or Online Directory?

Screenshots of the Android App

What is the Instant Church Directory Member App?

This is a free app that allows your members to sync your church's directory to their iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, or Android device. Members will be able to view the church and staff information, as well as search and view family members. Members will also be able to call, email or text if a phone number or email address is available on the church, staff or family details screens. Any changes that are generated on Instant Church Directory Online will automatically download to each member's devices, ensuring they always have the latest information. You need to Enable Member App Access on the Settings page in order for members to use this tool. Once you Enable the Member App Access, you can also Enable Member App Two-Factor Authentication if you choose.

To download the app to your Apple device, click here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/instant-church-directory/id589542221?ls=1&mt=8

To download the app to your Android device, click here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.instantchurchdirectory.members

Who can access the app?

Anyone who has an email address listed in the directory (under their family details) will be able to download and sync the directory on their device. Each member will create a password. Any member that is set to Inactive will not be able to create a password. If a member has the directory on their device and they are later set to Inactive, they will no longer be able to sync and access the directory until they are set back to Active. Furthermore, all of the data is protected by SSL so only you and your members will have access to your church data.

Will the password I use as the administrator work on the Member App or Online Member Directory?

While the administrator login is different than the member login, you can opt to use the same password if it is within the password requirements of at least 8 characters, one number and one capital letter.

Why aren't my updates showing on the Mobile Apps and Online Directory?

The app will automatically sync any updates made on the Admin site at least once an hour. Sometimes sooner depending on what you are doing in the app. 

Anytime you want to see an update you've made in the Admin site immediately, you can hit the circular refresh arrow in the upper right on the Families list view in the app and any changes you've made will sync to your device right then. Images take a little longer to sync than text-only changes and is dependent on your internet connection speed.

If you have "Sync on Wifi only" turned on but are not connected to Wi-Fi, your app will not sync until you are connected to Wi-Fi. You can find this setting under Menu >> Settings. Slow Wi-Fi will also cause slower syncing. 

Screenshots of the Android App

With this Android App update, members can:

  1. Create and use the password of their choice to sign into the Mobile Member App on any device and the Online Member Directory. This upgrade provides a unified login experience across all platforms and devices without sacrificing security. See below for information that will help you and your members.
  2. View all Groups and see the members of each Group.
  3. View a Birthday list by month.
  4. View Activity pages.

Screenshots below show the new experience your Android members will have: 

Home screen:

Families List View:


Group List: 

View a brief introductory video of the mobile apps:

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