Troubleshooting Member Login Issues

Is a member having trouble logging into the app? Here are a few things to check.

Check Member's Email

The #1 reason a member has login issues is that the email is not listed correctly in the directory. If a member is having a login issue, check that their email address is spelled correctly. It must be an exact match to what the member is typing.

Anytime a member's email is changed in the directory, they will be logged out of the Member App and will then need to start fresh and choose "Create Login" to set up a password for their new email address. 

Ask Member to Check the Following

The #2 reason a member has a login issue is due to mistyping their email or the password.

Or sometimes a browser will hold onto an old password and try to prefill the old password. Encourage the member to go slowly and not allow their browser or device to prefill the email or password until they have a successful sign-in.

Passwords are case-sensitive.

Extra spaces should not be included before or after the email or password.

If the member does not remember their password, recommend they reset their password by clicking on Sign In >> Forgot Password? link and follow the instructions to reset their password. 

Check Member's Email User Status on the Admin Website

Under Share Member Apps, scroll all the way down the page to see the new section Check the Status of a user’s email. This is the first place we recommend starting. Enter the member’s email address and click search.

Read the message shown to find out where the member is in the sign-in process. You will also be given the ability to resend a confirmation email, send a member a reset password link or send them instructions on how to create a login.

If none of the above checks help, here are a few other things to review.

Create Login vs. Sign In

If it's the first time signing in with an email address, the member should choose Create Login.

If the member already created a login for that email address, they should click on Sign In.

Two-Factor Authentication Verification Code

If you have optional two-factor authentication enabled and your member is signing in from a new device (mobile app) or location (member website), they will need to enter a verification code we emailed to them.

When they receive the code, they have 15 minutes to use it before it expires.

If they have tried to sign in multiple times, they may have received multiple codes and should find and use the most recent one in their email.

If the member did not receive the code via email, please Contact Us.

The Family Email Has Extra Characters

If you are listing emails in the family email section and you want to list the name next to the email, be sure there is a space between the name and the email itself. Example: use Henry: instead of

Member did not receive a confirmation email

Confirmation emails are sent immediately, If, after a while, a member has not received a confirmation email from our program, first ask them to check their SPAM/Junk folders. It may also be in other folders such as "Update" if they are using Gmail.

If they still do not have a confirmation email, you may submit a request for your member through our website under "Contact us".  Be sure to include the member's email address and we will resend the link to them. 

Family Marked Inactive

If a family is marked "Inactive" they will be logged out until they are marked "Active" again. Then they will need to choose Sign In. They do not need to set up a new password as long as their email address has not changed. 

Member Locked Out from Failed Logins

Encourage your members to go slowly when entering their usernames and password. After multiple failed attempts, a member will be locked out for a period of time, even if they are using the correct username and password. They will receive a notice that they are locked out.

Here are the lock-out periods:

  • For the 6th failed attempt, the lockout period is 1 minute.
  • For the 7th failed attempt, the lockout period is 5 minutes.
  • For the 8th failed attempt, the lockout period is 15 minutes.
  • For the 10th or more failed attempts, the lockout period is 1 hour.

If none of these tips help your member sign in, please Contact Us with their email address and we will take a closer look.

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