Getting Started with Broadcast News

Note :  The Broadcast News feature is not available as part of the Free-Trial period.

The Broadcast News feature is an easy way to communicate to your entire congregation or select groups via their email addresses using the email you've already entered into your Church Directory!

 Create and send email messages quickly and easily with this feature. In just a few simple steps you’ll be able to create and deliver email information to your church community at no additional charge.

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Create your Quick message

Now you're ready to create and send your first quick message. Click on Step 8 - Broadcast News and then click on the Send a Quick Message button.  
Begin to create your message by entering your subject line and message. And here's the best part ... it's FAST and EASY!
  • Enter a title in the Subject field—this creates the title of your email message and will show in the existing message list once created.
  • Write your message in the text box.
  • Send a test email (if you wish) of your message by entering an email address in the ‘Send Test Email To:’ field, then click the ‘Send test email’ button. This will send a test email to the email address you’ve entered. You can use the test email to review the message you’ve created and make any changes if you wish.

Now that you've created your email, you're ready to click the 'Select Contacts and Publish' button. This will take you through you have just a few quick checks to select your publishing options and then you're ready to send. Click the  Select Contacts and Publish button.

Note, if you’re not ready to send your email, your email will be saved and will show in the ‘Edit an Existing Message’ list on the ‘Broadcast and Send News’ page. Your email can be edited and/or sent whenever you are ready. The subject title you entered when first creating your message will be the name of the message shown in the list.

To edit an existing message, simply click on the title link of the message and make any necessary adjustments and you’re ready to send a test email or Select Contact and Publish.

Send your message

Once your message is complete, click ‘Select Contacts and Publish’ button from the ‘Broadcast and Send News’ page.
Next, select the recipients of your email under Choose your contacts list. Click on All Contacts or Choose one or more groups. You can click on the magnifying glass icon to view the complete list of members in each list. 
Who are in your Contact Lists?

All Contacts will include all of your Family Emails and any individual emails with Send Email Message enabled.

Group lists will include family and/or individual emails belonging to that group.

If you have a group selected for a family, all emails (family and individuals with Send Email Message checked) will receive the email. If you have a group selected for a single individual, only that email address will receive your broadcast.

Note: Family Emails are automatically opted in to receive broadcast messages. If they want to "opt out" - you can remove the email address from the Family Email(s) field and move it to an individual where you can ensure "Receive Email Message" is NOT selected.

Next, confirm email details. Ensure your Subject, From Name, Reply-to and Address are as you expect. 
  • Subject - This is the title of your email.
  • From Name - This is the sender’s name that appears in email clients.  
  • Reply-to Email Address - This is where replies to your email will be sent.
  • Your Address - To meet the requirements of anti-spam legislation, you must include a physical address as a part of your email content. Use the Update Address button to edit your address, and it will automatically be added to your email footer. You can change that address by clicking on the Update Address button.
  • Schedule or Send - select a time and date to send your message--either immediately or at a specific time and date in the future.
  • Once you have confirmed all the email details, click the 'Schedule and Send' button.

Click below to watch a quick video on sending your Quick Message:

Managing Recipients who choose to unsubscribe

Your email recipients can choose to unsubscribe to your email list by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each Quick Message email that you send.

By clicking the unsubscribe link on the email they receive, they are choosing to be removed from receiving future e-News emails from you. They may receive an additional email AFTER unsubscribing due to the timing of scheduled emails and the process time for unsubscribing.

You will receive an email report of any undelivered emails and unsubscribe recipients within 48 hours of your sent email. After that time, those unsubscribed emails will be dropped from your contacts list and cannot be added back to your contacts again in order to meet compliance of the CAN-SPAM act. We will continue to attempt to deliver emails to the email address that are marked as bounced. You can determine if you wish to remove those bounced email addresses from your list or leave

If you have a recipient who has unsubscribed in error, they can resubscribe to your e-news emails by emailing Instant Church Directory directly from the email address that would like to resubscribe. Send the email request to re-subscribe

(NOTE: the email request must include your Instant Church Directory account number). 

Sample email: 

Dear Instant Church Directory, 

Please resubscribe me to the enews list for Anytown Church, Anytown, OH.  (acct # 1111111).

Thank you.  

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