How to Add or Remove Editors

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Need help building your directory?  Now you can add up to 3 additional Editors to your account for no additional charge!  Once you add an editor and they create their unique password, they will be able to give you a hand!   

If you'd like to have more than 3 Editors — no problem! You can choose the Premium membership and add as many Editors as you want. Go to My Account >> Change Plan.

Roles and Permissions

At Instant Church Directory, we've defined two primary roles to manage the directory and its related features: the Account Owner (referred to as Admin throughout this help doc) and the Editor. Here's a summary of the responsibilities and permissions associated with each role: 

Admin and Editor Responsibilities 

Both Admins and Editors have shared responsibilities in certain areas. They can: 

  1. Build or edit the directory. 
  2. Handle member login issues with the website or mobile apps. 
  3. Manage member update submissions. 

Admin-Only Responsibilities 

Admins have additional privileges that Editors do not. Only the Admin can: 

  1. Update Admin name and contact information. 
  2. Change the Admin password. 
  3. Access and manage account history. 
  4. Update payment methods. 
  5. Add or remove Editors. 
  6. Customize the directory.

If you have any questions regarding these roles or their respective features, please reach out to us through the 'Contact Us' section, ideally from the role on the account that holds the permissions to use the feature. 

Add or Edit an Editor

As an administrator, log into your account and then click on My Account then under Editors will be Manage Editors

To add an editor, click on the +Add Editor button. 

Enter the name and email of the Editor you wish to add, then click on the blue Add Editor button. This will send the editor an invitation from the Account Owner to join the account as an Editor. 

From this same screen, you’ll be able to see when they accepted your invite and the last time they logged in.  

How Editors Log In

In the email invitation sent, there is a link the Editor will need to click on.  That link will take them to set up their Editor password. 

Once they have set up their Editor Password, they can then go to the same place Admins go to log in ( and then click on Admin Login).  

Their username will ALWAYS be their email address and their password will be the Editor Password they created from your invitation.

NOTE: If an Editor forgot their password you can delete them as an Editor and add them again. This will prompt a new email invitation to be sent and they can set up a new password.  Editors cannot reset their passwords.

How to Delete an Editor 

If you would like to remove an editor you can do so under My Account then under Editors choose Manage Editors. Click on the trash can next to the editor you wish to remove. 

Keep in mind that only the ADMIN can edit/remove an editor.  Editors cannot delete their own login. 

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