How to be in multiple church directories

If your church and an organization are both using Instant Church Directory, you can absolutely be in two or more directories at the same time.  This article covers the basics of how to do that, as well as some basic troubleshooting help.  

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How to be in multiple directories.

The administrator of each church will simply add you as a family member to their individual directories as they typically would, there is nothing special they will need to do.  

If you are already in one directory and are being added to a second, be sure that both organizations use the same email address.  After the second organization has added your email address to their directory,  you will log out of the apps and log back in and the second directory will automatically appear.  

You will NOT need to create a login for the second directory, your existing log in information will work for both!

If this is your first time logging into the apps, go to Create Login and follow the steps.  When you go back to Sign In, both directories will automatically appear for you.

How do you switch between directories on the mobile app?

Within the app, click on Menu then click on Switch Directory.

This will then display a modal in which you can choose which directory you would like to switch to.  Click on the name and the app will make the switch.

Don't see Switch Directory under menu? This feature was added with app version 2.2, so be sure to check you are on the latest version!

How do you switch between directories using the Online Member Directory?

Within the Member Directory, click on Switch Directory in the header.

This will then display all the directories you are currently listed in.  Click on the name of the directory to load that directory.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

When I click on Menu >> Switch Directory, only one directory shows even though I've been added to another.

If you were already logged into the app when you were added to a second directory, you will need to log out and log back in to the app to retrieve the second directory.  Once you log back in, the second directory should appear for you to switch between the two.

If the second directory still does not show, check with your organization(s) to be sure you have been added and are using the same email in both directories. 

When I click on Menu >> Switch Directory, the app logged me out.

If you clicked on a church or organization name and then were immediately logged out, this means that you were either removed from the second directory or they discontinued their service with Instant Church Directory.  When you log back in, the second directory should no longer show.  

I see two directories, but both are named "Unnamed Directory", how do I change that?

The directory name is set up by the organization or church administrator.  If "Unnamed Directory" is showing, contact your church and ask them to name their directory.  They can do this by adding a title under  Step 5 - Cover Page.

When I click on Menu, I don't see an option to Switch Directory.

This feature was added to the mobile apps with version 2.2, released in December of 2018.  You will need to update your app to see this feature.  Otherwise, you can switch directories by logging out of the app and logging back in, then selecting which app you wish to log into.

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