Tools for telling members about the directory

Sometimes when looking into a new directory program, you just need something simple you can hand out to decision-makers or members to explain the top-level overview of how the program works.

Below are our simple fact sheets that try and cover frequently asked questions about pricing, security, usability and more!

General Facts Sheet 

Simple Facts and Stats about Instant Church Directory. 

Click here to download a PDF sheet that you can easily hand out to members, decision markers or committee members

Security Fact Sheet

Security Information for peace of mind.Click here to download a PDF Fact Sheet about Security.

Looking for more handouts for your committee or members?

For other information about Telling your church's decision-makers or members about Instant Church Directory, go to our Tools page.  Here you will find a few printouts and templates to help you present Instant Church Directory to your decision-makers, as well as helping members get familiar with the directory once it's up and running. You can also download flyers from the blog.

Also, we recommend you check out our blog at There we have lots of tips for creating and updating your directory.

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