Understanding the Members Online website

How can a member log into the Online Member Directory on a computer browser?

Instruct your member to go to members.InstantChurchDirectory.com

If this is their first time signing in, they will need to create a login profile. They will need to click on the blue Create Login button under First time signing in?   

They will see a message that a confirmation email has been sent to your email address. In order to complete the sign-up process, they need to verify their email address by clicking on the link sent to them in that email. Once they confirm their email, they will be able to come back to sign in by entering their email address and password.

If they have already logged into the mobile apps, they can also sign in using the same email address and password they created there to log into the Online Member Directory. When you have Member App Two-Factor Authentication enabled, the member will be emailed a security code the first time they Sign In to the Member Website and each time they Sign In to the site from a new location. 

Why aren't my updates showing on the Online Member Directory?

The Member Directory will automatically sync any updates made in the Admin site at least once an hour. Sometimes sooner depending on what you are doing in the app. 

Anytime you immediately want to see an update you've made in the Admin site, you can hit the refresh button on your browser (or CTRL+F5) and any changes you've made will sync right then. Images take a little longer to sync than text-only changes and are dependent on your internet connection speed.

Will the password I use as the administrator work on the Member App or Online Member Directory?

While the administrator login is different than the member login, you can opt to use the same password, if it is within the password requirements of at least 8 characters, one number and one capital letter.

Why do I need to log into the Member Website each time? 

There is no Remember Me option for the Member Website. This is for security reasons in case a member were to log in using a public computer. 

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