Utilizing Birthday and Anniversary Features

For each family and individual family member, you can include a Birthday or Anniversary. 
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Adding a Birthday to an Individual Member

To add a birthday, Under Families, click the Edit Family button next to the family that you'd like to enter birthday information.

Once the Edit Family Entry page is open, click on the Adult/Parent or children's name(s) to include a birth date. The "Edit Family Member Details" screen will open to include the birthday information.. You can include the year if you wish, or leave it off if you prefer.

If you want the birthday of the individual to show up in your birthday lists (this will be included in both the PDF and the Mobile apps Birthdays list), be sure to select Yes for "Show Birthday in Directory".

NOTE: If you include a birth year on an individual record, it will only show on the Admin website. Members will not see the birth year on the member website, mobile apps or the directory PDF. Only the month and day will show.

IMPORTANT:  Be sure to click the SAVE button for ANY changes you've made to the individual on the "Edit Family Member Details" screen.

Adding or Removing an Anniversary 

To enter an anniversary for a family, under Families, click the Edit Family button on the family that you'd like to enter anniversary information. 

Under the family phone and family email(s) there is a space to add an anniversary.  Simply select the month, date and year (although the year is not required). 

To remove anniversaries and not have them listed in the directory, you will want to set the month to "blank" and the date to "blank" to remove the anniversary.  

da01f96c7928b9adaccbf3f0df116a62.pngThere is not a "delete" for either birthdays or anniversaries, you have to set everything back to "blank", then just remember to save and you should be all set!

Birthdays and Anniversaries will automatically show up in the app under the Family Details.

To add Birthdays and Anniversaries to your printed Directory, under Share PDF and then click on Select PDF Options to choose to include your birthdays and anniversary list in your printed PDF directory. 

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