Text Message Plans & Charges

As an administrator, you can add, change or cancel a text message plan at any time after your Free Trial period.  Here are a few key points to understanding text messaging plans and charges. 

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How much do Text Plans Costs?

Text plans are based on how many members and how often you would like to send a text to your members (monthly, weekly or daily).

Up to 200 Members 201 to 1,000 Members 1,001+ Members
Monthly $3.99/ month $13.99/ month Please email us
Weekly $15.99/ month $55.99/ month Please email us
Daily $119.99/ month $419.99/ month Please email us

Why is a Texting Plan Extra?

Simply put,  Instant Church Directory is charged a fee for each text message sent, and we don't want to raise the membership price. So we're offering text messaging as an "add-on" feature for people who choose to use it. We tried to keep the pricing simple so you can add or drop the feature any time, based on your church (and budget) needs.

How will I be charged for a Texting Plan?

Text plans are added to your monthly bill. If this happens to be a different date than your original order, don't worry, when you add a text planning your first month will be pro-rated so that each month you will only receive one charge from us.   

If you are on annual billing, you will still receive the monthly charge each month for your texting plan, then once a year you will be charged your full membership + the monthly texting plan.  This allows you to start or stop your texting plan any month without having to wait out the full year for when your annual plan is up for renewal.

For churches with 1,001+ members, please contact us at Service@InstantChurchDirectory.com for more information and availability. 

How do I Cancel or Change a Texting Plan?

You can cancel your texting plan at any time, without ever stopping your Instant Church Directory membership.  Simply go to "My Account" and click on "Add or Change Text Message Plan" to cancel or change your plan.

Only administrators over the account can start, stop or adjust a text messaging plan.

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