Troubleshooting for Text Messaging

When using the Text messaging plan, there are a few issues that might arise.

Member(s) not receiving text messages.

Here are a few things to check if a member has not received a text message.

Ensure the phone number is under the Person Member Details.

The text message only goes to the phone numbers listed for individuals under the Edit Family Members Details page.  If a phone number is listed under the "Family Email(s)" section, they will not receive a text message. 

Ensure the phone number is under the Person Member Details.

They must be marked “allow text.”   This must be checked in order for a text message to be sent.

If a member has also requested to stop receiving text messages by responding STOP at any point, they will no longer receive any further text messages from you. 

Only one phone number is listed.

Only ONE phone number can be listed in the individual phone number field and just the phone number.  f more than one number is listed in an individual phone field, the message will stop sending with that member and no one after them will receive the message.  

If there are additional details in the phone number field, that can also cause a text message to stop sending.

My text message was not received immediately.

Even when “sent immediately,” a text message can take up to 15-20 minutes to all be sent. When you select send immediately, it is added to the queue of our text message service at that time.  The time it takes depends on how many are in the queue ahead of you.

Canceling a sent text message.

We are sorry, but once a text message is sent, we cannot stop it or cancel it. 

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